Willcox Guitars Makes Their Mark at the 2015 Summer NAMM Show by Debuting Their NEW line of HexFX Edition Guitars

Lead by Tom Kowalczyk (Vice President of Sales & Marketing) and Chris Willcox (Founder & President), Willcox Guitars Powered by Lightwave Systems showcased their refreshed line of guitars and basses at the 2015 Summer NAMM Show with a fully outfitted 20 foot display booth and demo stage. Willcox Guitars introduced their BRAND NEW line of HexFX Edition Guitars including the Saber SL Bass HexFX Edition and Atlantis ElectroAcoustic Guitar HexFX Edition. The HexFX Edition guitars open up a world of new and exciting possibilities for bass players and guitarists alike with polyphonic string processing, pitch to MIDI conversion, as well as the ability to play digital and analog synths.

Willcox Advisory Artists Dann Glenn and Mark Corradetti, and Marc Cooper and Independent Artists Nathan McEuen and Jonathan McEuen showcased the advanced capabilities of the the new HexFX Edition instruments as well as the other lines of Atlantis Guitars and Saber Basses.

Learn more about how the HexFX can advance your guitar and bass playing capabilities.