Artist Testimonials

Cham Zhao from the Band KOLAJ with Atlantis Guitar

“As an electronic music artist and bass player, the HexFX bass is one of the most amazing tools I have in my arsenal. I have a bass with the Ghost system as well as a RMC, and by far the HexFX delivers a higher quality signal that translates into a faster tracking of the note. The optical pickups bring a completely new, full tone to your bass sound. The spectrum of frequencies that the optical pickups are capable of are much more robust and full than standard magnetic pickups. Thanks Mr Willcox for the amazing bass! I look forward to venturing into one of your guitars and yet another bass!

– Chris Cardone

Cham Zhao from the Band KOLAJ with Atlantis Guitar

I’ve been a Willcox Guitars endorser for a very very long time and the Lightwave systems equipped bass is one of the most responsive basses one can encounter. I use the LightWave bass live and in the studio and it is extremely quiet and versatile. The engineers are always blown away at how much low end can come out of a bass that looks like it’s impossible to achieve. The tones that are achievable from the LightWave bass are very well balanced and clean. Recently I acquired a USA Custom fretless 6 string and it blows me away, there is growl for days and all I have to do is barely touch the fingerboard. The build quality is some of the best on the market and I can seriously with the most open mind say that this fretless is one of the most responsive on the market today. It’s a solidbody build and the bass is less than 9 pounds and feels very comfortable.

– Jauqo III X

Cham Zhao from the Band KOLAJ with Atlantis Guitar

“I’m currently playing the Saber VL-5 fretless. Great woody tone with lots of “mwah” and a nice low end. Detailed high end. I’m using it in a musical production right now and this bass just shines on ballads and pieces that need both power and sensitivity. Great comfortable action over the entire neck….and I haven’t done anything to the bass since it arrived, so I’m playing it with the setup it had straight out of the box.”

– Brittany Frompovich

Cham Zhao from the Band KOLAJ with Atlantis Guitar

“It’s great for every application. Almost 2 years of three to five gigs a week; from 60’s oldies to jazz standards to country to singer/songwriter gigs. The Atlantis does it all and then some. It’s the most versatile guitar I own.”

– Tony Marvelli

Cham Zhao from the Band KOLAJ with Atlantis Guitar

“I am VERY satisfied with the bass. I primarily bought this bass as a solution for MIDI control, being unsatisfied with my old set-up of a GK-3B pickup for output from my bass. The HexFX is definitely superior. Latency and false triggering issues that I had before are virtually gone. The pure sound of the bass really is incredible. Clear and piano like tone. Great craftsmanship and finish to the build as well, and very ergonomic to play.”

– Mike Young

Cham Zhao from the Band KOLAJ with Atlantis Guitar

“I’m absolutely loving the Atlantis!… and the best part is when it’s time for rehearsal or a gig, I only have to bring two things: a small pedal case for the gr-55, and the Atlantis in its gigbag. I can’t remember the last time I was able to load in my rig with one trip! It takes so much headache out of set up and tear down.”

– Cham Zhao (KOLAJ)

Noel from D-NAS playing the Atlantis HexFX Guitar

“The HexFX guitar has the best MIDI tracking response I’ve ever tried (I’ve been a MIDI guitarist since 1999). This guitar is improving my playing significantly. In addition, it has a very pure and clean acoustic sound perfect for recording and MultiFx applications and last but not least, the playability and setup is awesome, I really enjoy playing this guitar!”

– Noel Alejandro Silva

John Souki with the Atlantis HexFX Guitar“It uses their patented LightWave System (no magnetic pickups), providing the cleanest possible signal to build on. It also has hexaphonic capabilities (for the MIDI lover in you). The folks at Willcox Guitars can seriously make a great instrument geared to the most discerning ears.”

– John Souki (Chase Rice)

Jonathan Moody with the Saber VL Bass“Seriously, the fretless is NUTS (Saber VL). I put on Brite Flats, and dropped the action down as low as possible, and despite flatwounds being on the bass, it can still get that roundwound growl I love.”

– Johnathan Moody

Drew Breder with the Saber VL Fretted Bass“I was looking for a bass for months and after finding the Saber I was concerned that it was to good to be true. But the Willcox team has put in the work with a light weight, solid instrument. The sound is extraordinary, to have access to a complete full range of tone and be able to sculpt it gives me a palette for my unusual music.”

– C. Drew Breder