Willcox Guitars introduces the Saber SL Bass and Atlantis Thinline Guitar HexFX Editions

The HexFX Editions feature a 13-pin individual string output, in addition to the mono 1/4″ output. Willcox Guitars are all powered by the LightWave Optical pickup system, the most advanced string transducer available today. The optical pickup system uses infrared light to sense string vibration, providing a rich and powerful sound that is also ideally suited for individual string processing and synth access.

The optical pickup system features a totally separate transducer for each string, with no electrical or mechanical crosstalk between strings. The HexFX Editions bring the individual string outputs, along with a summed mono output, to a 13-pin DIN connector. The resulting output enables full synth access, individual string processing and modeling, as well as the use of a fanout box. The possibilities are limitless, and the optical pickup technology provides ultra-fast and accurate tracking, glitch free and with no latency and no false triggering. The HexFX Editions open up a world of new and exciting possibilities for the bass player and guitarist: polyphonic string processing, pitch to MIDI conversion, playing software instruments, playing digital and analog synths using the guitar as a controller, and even transcribing the music you play into notation.

The 13-pin output follows the Roland GK Protocol, so it is compatible with all of the the Roland GK and Virtual Guitar (COSM) modeling devices, as well as any device that also follows the protocol, including Axon, Keith McMillan StringPort, and many more. The HexFX Editions include additional controls: MIDI Volume, Momentary Up / Down Program Selector Switch (S1/S2) and Output Selector Switch (Mono / Individual String / Both) for an infinite palette of tonal possibilities.

The Saber SL HexFX Edition is a 34” scale bass available in 4 and 5-string, fretted or fretless versions, with a solid alder body, maple neck, and rosewood fingerboard. The Atlantis Guitar HexFX Edition is a 25.5” scale length guitar, with a chambered mahogany body, European Spruce top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard. These finely crafted instruments are available direct and through authorized Willcox Guitars dealers.