Noel Silva (D-NAS)


D-NAS is a musical project by Venezuelan guitarist Noel A. Silva. The main influences for D-NAS are musical pop-rock bands from the 80’s-90’s such as Mecano (Spain), The Police (U.K.), No Doubt (U.S.), and many others from different styles and genres.

All the music and compositions were composed, played and recorded by Noel A. Silva with the support of very talented session musicians from Los Angeles, California, USA.

Silva started playing guitar at the age of 15, influenced by heavy rock and alternative music from the late 80’s and 90’s. Growing up in a Caribbean Country such as Venezuela exposed him to many different musical styles and genres that he has incorporated into hi music over the years.

In 1998 Silva learned about MIDI guitar technology and started studying and looking out for the latest digital and analog electronic technologies available, which grew to include guitar synths, vintage amplifier modeling, effects and digital samples. To this day, he considers these technologies to be a very important tool of expression for guitarists, because it gives access to all the sounds that were previously only available to keyboard players as well as the distinctive sounds of famous guitarists of past decades.

Thanks to these electronic guitar technologies Silva was able to add dozens of instruments, colors and ambiences to his compositions, and even became capable of working as a “one-man band” accompanying singers in many events in his hometown.

While working in the biomedical field, Silva has always kept music as part of my life, but in the year 2009 a life-changing event occurred when he participated in a program called Fender University that inspired and encouraged him to pursue the dream of having his own musical compositions and lyrics someday.

At the age of 39, he made the decision to take some time out from his professional career in the Biotechnology industry to record a music album that would provide him with the satisfaction of listening to the music he enjoys the most but that he was not getting from current artists in today’s music industry.

Then, the Album Forty or “XL” was born in January 2017 in Los Angeles, California.