KOLAJ, a live duo from LA who has just dropped a fantastic indie dance number, ‘The Touch” which debuted at #26 on the Billboard Dance/Electronica Chart. The duo, consisting of Teesa, Cham and Mighty Mike have earned their stripes working behind the scenes in the Pop industry, which is quite apparent in ‘The Touch.’ The track itself gives off the impression that it will drop out into your standard Kygo-esque tropical house. Thankfully, it doesn’t.

Instead it’s more of a gentle indie dance driven by Teesa’s excellent vocals. The Touch has a unsurprising amount of pop sensibility, given the duo’s background, but that’s what makes it an enjoyable tune.

The name “KOLAJ” comes from the word ‘Collage’. Collage means an art which is made from assemblage of different arts, creating a whole new one. KOLAJ’s music and this concept is highly related to each other.