C. Drew Breder


Drew Breder plays a 5-string electric “Tenor Bass” and for you non-musical geeks, that is fancy talk for a bass with the notes between a guitar and a bass. A lot of his sound comes from using multiple capos simultaneously that have customized, tasteful effects, freezes and loopers.

Breder pulls his style from various musical influences like Bon Iver for their symphonic tension, Explosions in the Sky for their creation of space, Ben Howard for his disjunct drive, Michael Hedges for his constant reinvention of techniques, Steve Bailey for his crazy harmonics, and Evert Zeevalkink for his amazing looping style.

Breder started playing in 1988. Over the years, his journey took him to a variety of places playing in all kinds of bands, but beginning a solo path in 2014 was uncharted and terrifying. He pushed through with recording tons of videos and going to countless open mics. He has been adopted by many singers songwriters that have helped him find his way.

At the end of the day, he is a sonic explorer always looking for combinations of sounds to make new riffs and find the song hidden in each note. He is consistently looking and will always be searching.